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It was a beautiful winter morning and I was chilling on the balcony post breakfast. I heard a car enter the society gates and it parked right below my gallery.

There she was, stepping out with her mom, and my heart skipped a beat.

I was looking at the cutest face I had ever seen, her green eyes were captivating. As if she knew I was staring, she suddenly glanced up. For a moment I thought she gently called out to me.

For days, I would wait at my front door, peep out of the windows, just to catch a glimpse of her pretty face. At times, I would hear her call out.

On one occasion I cried back, and I heard her respond. I begged Mom to let me out. So, I could meet her, and play with her. But Mom wouldn’t listen, she believed I would be lost. Staying on the tenth floor, I was hardly allowed to venture out.

All I wished, was to see her once. Mom never understood. I was lonely. From her voice, she sounded forlorn too.

On one of those gloomy evenings, I spotted a truck being loaded. Someone was shifting, oh, wasn’t it her mother talking to the loaders? In a jiffy, their car was gone. I knew, so was she.

It was almost dark when I heard her crying aloud. Desperately. I ran to Mom. My parents had heard her too. I raised a ruckus, and I saw Dad and Mom rushing downstairs.

They were back soon, she was bundled in Mom’s arms. Our eyes met and she rushed towards me.

We head-butted, as she purred.

“Shomu, this kitten’s owners abandoned her downstairs. So, we’re taking her in, she’ll be your playmate. Happy?” Mom stroked my head.

I purred and thanked Mom.


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Love Calling – The She Saga

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