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Can’t claim to be a huge Christopher Nolan fan, honestly, haven’t ever understood much of his work in the past.

But then Dunkirk was one movie I liked immensely, so agreed to give Oppenheimer a try. And yes, it is a simple film, well researched and brilliantly executed.

Oppenheimer, his academic research, his career journey, his relationships, in fact every aspect of his life has been captured and delivered effectively. The performances are excellent, but I liked Robert Downey Jr. the most.

The movie is more of a biography but of course the making of the bomb, it’s trial detonation and finally Hiroshima Nagasaki raise the tempo.

My take, Oppenheimer is a must watch. There was so much I didn’t know, but the movie opened my eyes to science, scientists, atom bomb and of course the politics behind the WW-II bombings. Worth your time and money.

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