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Taali – Webseries- Hindi – Jiocinemas

What worked for me as I binge watched this 6 episode series, was that it played a real life story in a very natural manner. The characters, the story and everything else is extremely realistic, there’s not much melodrama or violence. Unlike some movies in the past that portray transgender characters as loud and garish criminals, Taali plays it soft and shows the community in a good light.

Taali isn’t a thriller, it’s a drama high on emotional quotient. I wouldn’t say it’s slow because I wasn’t bored at any point of time. It’s a little predictable though, don’t expect it to be an exciting fun ride. It’s a true story after all, story of transgender activist Shree Gauri Sawant, her many struggles, her failures and how she gradually triumphs over the system.

These few words can’t do justice to Gauri Sawant’s battles, but the series kind of does. With hardly any vulgarity or cussing, Taali powerfully captures the trials and tribulations of her life. Being met with hatred and ridicule at every phase of life, she emerges a winner, a force to reckon with.

And that’s the best part; the person who plays Gauri, breathes life into the character and makes us believe in the story. Sushmita Sen has delivered her career best performance, never knew she’s so powerful an actor. What a fine performance, she switches from a calm mother to a ferocious crusader, with ease. It’s not every day that you see a woman playing a man sporting a moustache and beard, Sushmita Sen nails the role. She modulates her voice so effectively, her expressions are all right in place, she carries the entire series on her shoulders all alone.

Power packed and brave, Taali is definitely worth a one-time watch. For Shree Gauri Sawant’s fight for dignity, and for Sushmita Sen’s dedication.

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