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The Hunt for Veerappan – Docuseries- Netflix

Binge watched this 4-episode Docuseries and have to say, it’s very well made. The events of Veerappan’s criminal life, starting from his days as an elephant poacher, to a kidnapper bandit, have been documented chronologically.

Of course, as a child and young adult, I had read of Veerappan, his sandalwood smuggling, and Dr.Rajkumar kidnapping in the newspapers, but never was I aware of his notoriety and villainy to this extent. The series brilliantly describes everything he did apart from poaching and smuggling.

It’s fast, crisp and very realistic, as the flow is defined by the interviews of his wife, some old gang members, and very importantly, real life accounts of ex forest officers, task force officers and members of STF. These Bravehearts slogged for 20years to nab Veerappan. Their experience is harrowing, to say the least, dodging death and fighting for their lives, on a daily basis. Hundreds of courageous officers were martyred, Salute to all of them.

This series makes for a good one-time watch, I would definitely recommend it.

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