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This book is conceptualised by Pachyderm Tales and Compiled by Mayaakatha. (SHE) in itself means NATURE!
Nature is the creator and the destroyer too. We take HER for granted. Humanitarian is in words, dictionaries or in literature. What we see around us is just a droplet in the ocean of Human around. Time immemorial we all have been battling with words, neighbors, for territories, for love or position. The five elements of nature is taught to a child in his/her school, to observe how canary yellow looks like in a laboratory experiment or to show how the gut system works in a frog which pinned to the board. How much do we teach our children about Nature that it is NATURE which created us and what we are giving back is in the form of chemicals to the vapors in the sky and barren land to our mother earth and depriving her of her children which is not human but the siblings called, “Trees, Birds, Insects and Animals.”
This anthology is a different take in the animal kingdom.

My story, I am She, is about a small seahorse who is very embarrassed as he has to carry his babies and bring them into the world, like a woman, a She. How his father helps him cope, is what my story is about.

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The Femme of Animal Kingdom eBook : Bharat, Meera: Kindle Store


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