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Mai, Mere Labzon Mein…
My name is Preethi Warrier; Postgraduate in Electronics Engineering, assistant professor in an engineering college in Mumbai, and a Carnatic music performer.
Myriad of technical subjects taught and certifications received, I now wish to explore other aspects of academics. I’ve a strong inclination towards ancient Indian history, rare languages, and tribal studies. Though it wouldn’t help my promotion, I hope to pursue my doctorate in sociology. I was also offered an internship with the Ministry of Culture.
Talking about my non-technical interests, I’m a movie buff and often write film reviews. An avid reader, I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction. A few years ago, I took to writing short stories, poems, and blogs on numerous platforms. My stories usually revolve around the little things in life, everyday incidents that most of us overlook as silly or mundane, but many of which hold a huge significance. My characters are generally average, so-called flawed women. Because I do not believe in the overachieving superwoman tag. Nor do I consider tears, failures, or seeking help as signs of weakness. I’ve won a few awards for writing, but importantly, I’ve made some very inspiring writer friends in the virtual world.
As a mother, I’ve been deemed lazy and careless by many, because I identified my son’s learning disability, let him drop Mathematics in 9th standard and opt for Humanities. Being a teacher, I strongly advocate the need for children to not be forced into something they dislike. And parents to encourage their kids to study what they prefer, and not judge them by their marks.
I wonder if it’s my strength or flaw, but I can’t lie or manipulate. That’s perhaps why I connect better with animals, whom I consider far superior species. I am a mother to four adopted kittens and I’m very vocal about the plight of stray dogs, domesticated elephants, and forest encroachment.
Daughter, wife, mother, teacher, animal sympathizer, author, musician and still learning…Yes, that’s me.[0]=AZWebXYgtWPYk3m5lUkkHEPYh-_xSRS_duRjbo_huumfAQMDwKEA4IuVmdEIyNRE7yyexaPf6xL6j6a1ktNxAZZyz40QlvTeYCR2j9MLVvNkQItrh2UrFJG7hRnFZ5xj5Aveu2XfN-N5CE-5RYLtPj6e&__tn__=-UK-R

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