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Bramayugam – Malayalam – Theatres.
What do I say….Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.
Rarely does such a magnificent piece of art come by, upping the level of not only Malayalam, but Indian film industry.
Horror, yes, to the core. Eerie and dark, Bramayugam freezes you with its stills and powerful BGM. The laughs, the screams, the distant hooting of owls…sound effects so effective, still can’t get over it.
As it’s shot entirely in monochrome, the impact it creates is lasting. The photography is excellent, be it the torrential rains, the spider silently spinning its web, drops of rain and ripples in water….
The cast is just 4 people. Arjun Ashokan performs very well, as a scared and lost soul, a prisoner of a sinister mansion. Siddharth Bharatan is great too, his character’s indifference and arrogance, are a delight to watch. Amanda Liz looks beautiful.
But, Mammooty. Menacing and monstrous. Amazing is a small word, wonder what this man can’t do. No wonder why he still rules Indian cinema.
I wouldn’t divulge any further, Bramayugam is a must watch, on big screen. A dazzling display of acting, storyline, cinematography and technical brilliance, Bramayugam has to be experienced.
Take A Bow Team. Kudos.

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