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Animal – Hindi – Netflix
2hrs into Animal, and I feel blessed. For not having watched this crap on big screen.
As of now I’ve learned Animal’s definition of Alpha Male. A Man- baby, who demands food, weapons and women. Deprived of any of the above, he screams, beats, destroys and walks around naked(His bodyguards then present him a Topon Ki Salaami). But oh, he is pure at heart. He discusses underwear and chafing with the help, doesn’t want his good wife to seduce him, unbuttons at the sight of a woman, sleeps around but swears to kill any man who comes near his wife and yes, helps raising his own kids…
And of course the Good Wife. She’s got admission to Princeton, but bleats a Yes and instantly falls in love, when our Alpha Male praises her big pelvis. She tails after him, kisses him when he hurts her, observes Karvachauth, and the moment he sheds a tear, runs into his arms…
Had read somewhere that Bobby Deol did a great job. Yes he did. 10mins of screentime, where he slaps his 3 wives and makes love on a sofa, in full view of his guests.
Regressive? Gory? Yes. But you know what’s worse? It’s BORING. TORTURE. MEANINGLESS.
There’s no Acting, all ham to the core, and RK is unbearable.
I’m switching off, on OTT I can do that and go for a walk. Should have known better, when in the opening scene, an old RK makes lewd and cheap gestures. Sigh…
A word of caution: If you haven’t watched Animal, DON’T. EVER.

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