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He crouched at the far end of the dingy cell,

A smile playing on his parched lips.

He shut his eyes to the last night in solitary hell,

Hope and freedom had arrived post a long eclipse.


“Asleep already?” A warm touch caressed his hair.

Jolted from slumber, he squinted to catch the intruder.

“You!” He cried, “How did you appear out of nowhere?”

“Stop me if you can.” She teased amidst peals of laughter.


“Wretched woman, you’ve been a menace all along,

A blot on the face of womanhood.

Off you go, back to where you belong,

Don’t defile me with your touch.” He cowered much as he could.


“Aww…” She moved closer, “Weren’t you meant to be the man?

Man of the house, the bread winner, the alpha-male.

Pity you dropped out of school, shunning responsibilities, you ran.

Someone had to bring food to the table, when you men fail.”


“You call that earning a living?” He demanded.

“Dancing for strange men, entertaining for cash?

For lust and luxury, your folks you abandoned,

I spit on your independence, your money belongs in trash.”


She scoffed, “My dirty money bought your booze and debauchery.”

“I saved you from poverty, paid the bills, lit the kitchen fire.

Your brother finished school, you sister was handed dowry,

Your parents were treated, why then, this ire?”


“If all was so hunky dory, why did you return?

The society laughed on our faces, ‘Hooker’s Kin’, we were termed.

Our Honour and dignity, are they too much to yearn?

We had to send you packing and I did.” He affirmed.


“Honour and Dignity are earned by being accountable,

To your family, To Mankind… those duties you evaded.

I fulfilled all obligations, and yet you sent me away, forever.

You were my Bhaiyya, my elder brother!” Her voice faded.


“Thus, salvaging the family honour, and guess what?

Our parents concur, they pardoned me and I walk free!” He smiled.

“Your parents, not mine anymore, and you’ll be free, but

You’ll fly with me, far away from the earthly maladies.” She chortled wild.


His screams echoed across the jail,

Mystery loomed over the lone inmate’s strangulation.

She floated away, straight home, justice would prevail,

All her offenders would pay, honour killing deserved no compassion.

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