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She wanders around the blooming flowers,

Fresh as the morning dew, exuberant as the sunrise.

Oh I could gaze at her for hours,

She stole my heart the day I set my eyes.

Her pigtails swaying to her clumsy steps,

Her endless childish chitter chatter.

I smile as I reminisce those days of ours,

Her innocence and her impish laughter.

I marvel at how she’s blossomed,

Her surreal vision perhaps gives me away.

Abruptly she turns and our eyes meet,

There’s profound silence, I’ve so much to convey.

My Angel… I open my arms in welcome,

Come and stay with me forever.

For this is where you really belong,

I’ll never let you go, I whisper.

I did return, but you sent me back.

Her stoic glare digs deep into my very soul.

I begged you to shelter me, I cried for mercy,

You knew I was in a deep hole.

You chose him, you assured he would care.

But he hit, he abused, I silently bore.

And when I hoped you would take me in,

You said this wasn’t my home anymore.

I was in hell, with no will to live, no hope to cling,

But for you, it was your honour.

I’m in a better place now, it’s still and tranquil,

Papa, wasn’t I but your dearest daughter?

My tears flow unheeded, ‘beti’ I call out,

But she turns and fades in a wind gust.

Come back princess, take me with you,

Let no father ever break a daughter’s trust.

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