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A to Z of Kolkata, The City of Joy, this book skillfully describes every aspect of the city. From the Hilsa fish, to Adda, to Cha, Tagore, Ray, football, almost everything Kolkata is known for.

It’s the language and the play of words that I liked the most. Softly and subtly, Sreeparna finds a reference to each alphabet and thus, takes us around the heart and soul of Kolkata. There are anecdotes about the tiger and the chaiwala, Howrah Bridge, LYADH, and Bollywood.

Sreeparna has covered it all about her city, trams, yellow taxis, Park Street, culture, food, music and heritage. And the pieces are supported by beautiful stories and personal experiences.

I have always desired to visit Kolkata but after reading this wonderful book, I feel I shouldn’t limit it to a few days long tickmark tour, but stay for many days and soak in the vibes of this city, with a soul.

Very well written. Must read. 

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