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What I liked most about Nandita Warrier’s ‘Two Inches Taller’ is it’s freshness. The story revolves around the eventful life of an army wife, a relatively unexplored topic.

Mohana, a young MBA holder, marries an Indian Army officer Suraj, leaves her job, and moves with him to the interiors of the country. Her life post-marriage, her husband’s erratic work schedule, the struggles of fitting into the army background, and her adventures and misadventures form the crux of the story.

The tale is being narrated by Mohana, and have to say, the first-person narration works really well.  Her daily routine, like eating mess food, dealing with power cuts, and keeping a happy face when her husband returns, all of these have been penned with the minutest detail, in a realistic but fun way.

Also, ‘Two Inches Taller’ draws your attention to the hierarchy system in the Army, the discipline, and the etiquette that the wives too are supposed to follow. Honestly, I was ignorant about all this before. Mohana has trouble befriending senior Army wives, she is a happy-go-lucky girl and often finds herself a misfit amidst the stringent rules. But their love conquers all, well almost.

The ups and downs in the young couple’s life, their bitter-sweet tiffs, and their romance make for a pleasant and beautiful read. The book is fast- paced and with plenty of twists and surprises, it just doesn’t slow down.

Kudos to Nandita Warrier for her eloquent writing, ‘Two Inches Taller’ is amusing, peppy and gives the reader a positive vibe. A very different tale, a must-read.  About the unsung heroes, wives of Army heroes.


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