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Tales from Moonlit Hearts by Soumya Bharathi, a collection of seven love stories, leaves you spellbound, gently transporting you to the world of love, longing and eternal bliss. Every story explores a different aspect of love. Regardless of age, relation, or situation.

It’s as they say, there’s no emotion as beautiful as love, no joy as pure as being loved and wanted by someone. Be it a coy glance, a fleeting blush, a feeling of butterflies in the stomach, a promise of forever strength and support….Love makes it all happen, it transcends all.

And this is how you feel, as every story of the book unravels.

Chasing Butterflies is a cute account of a newly married couple and their journey, their quest for love, their little discoveries and their finding one another.  Serendipity is about true love going beyond body and appearance. A Thousand Little Flames takes you through a poetic world of passion. Those Little Things Between Us feels so real, like a chapter out of our lives, where love is all about surety and comfort. A Piece of My Heart travels along the path of regret and heartbreak. Holding on to You is surreal, like a dream, drifting between past and present.

But my personal favourite is Moonlight Diaries, a tale of friendship, and companionship, which in my opinion is what stays, for eternity.

What kept me glued to the book, is the enchanting language and the delightful play of words. It’s almost like reading a soft, elegant, beautiful poem. The stories are as soothing as sailing in a calm river. They are fresh and untold, like a whiff of cool breeze. It’s after so long, that I felt my heart flutter, my face lighting up with a smile of hope and positivity.

Soumya Bharathi’s Tales from Moonlit Hearts tells seven stories, as gentle as moonlight. With her flawless narration style and impeccable vocabulary, she keeps the reader captivated.

This book could brighten a sad day, I strongly recommend it to everyone.




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