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Love, Respect and Appreciation.

Does marriage always guarantee love? Can’t love happen more than once? Does finding your soulmate in another man make you characterless?

Shalini Mulliks’s ‘Stars from the Borderless Sea’, talks about love, life and womanhood in modern times. Three women (Geetika, Rachna and Mahima) and Three stories (Sayonee, Hamsafar and Humraz), of True Love and its divinity. What I admired the most is, how Shalini has carved her characters. Geetika, Rachna, and Mahima aren’t superwomen. They are normal women, like you and me; working professionals, caring mothers, and longing for some appreciation. And though they find  love and respect, from men who aren’t always their husbands, you as a reader totally understand their circumstances. Shalini treats her characters with empathy and dignity, not for once does the reader end up judging them. The stories are feminist, but Shalini doesn’t demonize any of her male characters either.

Beautiful language and well-crafted stories which sail smoothly like a river, Shalini Mullik’s book is unputdownable. Highly recommended.

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