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Jaane Jaan – Hindi – Netflix
A murder investigation story that gets all it’s aspects right, almost. Set amidst the backdrop of beautiful, misty Kalimpong, the movie succeeds to create a dark and eerie feel all the time.
What works is the pace. The movie isn’t about speed and style, I wouldn’t call it sleek. But the treatment is mature with no slag whatsoever. The story doesn’t digress from the case, there is no wasting time on meaningless sidetracks. The narration is fast and to the point, thankfully with zero adult content or cussing.
Of the cast, Kareena Kapoor plays a damsel in distress, and she does good. But she’s a great actor, I would have liked it if her part was perhaps stronger. Vijay Verma is alright too. I mean, we have seen him and Kareena Kapoor playing mightier roles before, this one doesn’t explore their talent much.
But it’s Jaideep Ahlawat all the way. He totally steals the show, speaking with his eyes most of the time. Kudos.
Jaane Jaan is a classy watch, the ending was pretty unpredictable, took me by surprise. Definitely a one time watch.

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