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She settled down after a hard day’s work,

The school building was huge, sweeping it, tedious.

Her day had been long and miserable,

Dealing with dirty floors, filling in for absent colleagues.

Tons of chores awaited her back home,

Husband, kids, family, dinner…

She sighed as she packed up for the day, but then,

One of the teachers called out.

‘Excuse me, could you close this window?’

Reluctantly, she set out to perform this last errand.

‘It’s so far up, I need to stretch a lot.’ she grumbled.

But close it she did, nevertheless.

The task done, she turned to leave.

But the teacher called out again, ‘Hey Listen!’

‘What now?’ she was indeed irritated.

‘You’ve done a great job helping me , Thank you.’, the teacher smiled.

She smiled back, a tear prof joy pricked her eyes,

She was happy and contended.

The stress of the day all gone, she was in high spirits.

All it took, was a tiny drop of appreciation.

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