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Your feeble whimpers ring in my ears,

As I shut myself to the muffled moans.

I had sworn I would behave,

That I wouldn’t touch you again.

But you always let me down,

One time, every time.

Your negligence cost me my patience,

Your indolence flared my temper.

The ensuing violence I couldn’t restrain,

Sparing the rod wasn’t my approach.

Trust me, on each occasion, I would promise myself,

Never again, not anymore.

It broke my heart, I would secretly weep,

I would apologize to you, in my heart.

Myriads of words I would frame,

Each time your eyes welled up.

If only I had hummed those phrases to you,

If only I had shown my regret to you.

Before I chastised you all over again,

And you resolved to fly away, never to return.

Oh child, how I wish I had accepted you,

Valued you more than your grades.

Can I open my heart to you for once,

Deliver you those letters undelivered, say I’m Sorry.


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