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I was summoned to the boss’s cabin. Finally! I had been waiting this call since morning. A successful inspection, praises heaped by the visiting committee and all of this under my leadership, I did deserve a pat on my back, perhaps more.

“Come, have a seat.” My boss smiled as I seated myself.

“Actually…” She fidgeted, I could see she was nervous as she fiddled with her pen.

“Of course, we’re all aware.” She was perhaps caught off guard, “It’s something else, there’ve been a few complaints you know.”

“Against me!” It was my turn to be caught off guard, “Well, I could have been a little harsh with my subordinates at times, but…”

“No, it’s not that. I’ve been told that, err…him and you, have been getting a little too close. The other staff have been observing the two of you and many feel your interaction is pretty unprofessional and they get uncomfortable around both of you…” She averted my eyes.

The Muse of the Month is a monthly writing contest organised by Women’s Web, bringing you original fiction inspired by women. This story was  one of the winners for the December 2021 Muse of the Month.The juror for this month, Ranjani Rao commented, “When it comes to he-said, she-said, the woman always bears the consequences. But things can also change for the better if you are willing to step up.”

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